Urban Animal Removal

Animal Removal Services in South Shore MA!


Wednesday June 3 NEW Puppy K class 6: 30 pm

*Closed Monday for Memorial Day*

Elementary ll starts May 30 at 1 pm

*Same Day Sign up Available*

Perfect Pup In Florida

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Fun Time

Daycare is a wonderful experience for your puppy or an adult dog.  Many owners have busy demanding schedules and must leave their dogs home alone.  The alternative is, DAYCARE.  Canine College, and Bow Wow WOW resort is where your dog can  have fun, socialize with other dogs and have interaction with our staff throughout the day.  There are five different areas for the day care dogs and playgroups are kept small.

CherEach dog is evaluated and paired with other dogs their own age, size and energy level and supervised by our highly qualified staff.  Your dogs’ day begin with a snack or we can give him or her breakfast or lunch which you may bring along in a plastic container or bag, we refrigerate if necessary.  After a couple hours of playtime outdoors, dogs may come  inside for rest time.  Dogs may bring along their own crate, bed and blanket. After rest time they are provided with a snack or items purchase from our snack menu, and if weather permitting, can go back outdoors.  Dogs have  Water available at all times and are always in a clean environment.  Bottled water  and snacks can be purchased for an extra fee from our menu.

Extra Services purchased are walk or hike along our miles of Fields and Forest, frisbee playing, running the obstacle course, etc.
All dogs must show proof of current immunizations, Rabies, Djistemper Booster, CPV and Canine Cough.  Leave your pet and relax knowing your pet is in good hands.

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